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Re: Shimbun Basics

* Katsumi Yamaoka:

> I'm sorry for my idleness.  I didn't know what is RSS.  But now
> I found one of RSS site in Japan
> <URL:ttp://nogdnik.s3.xrea.com/rss/x/>.  It has analogy to the
> Gnus group buffer running nnshimbun!

see?  i thought so :) to me RSS would be just another backend to
shimbun or the other way around: nnasahi, nnyomjuri, (nnshimbun),
nnrss etc.

> I wish I could read and write English fast (it took hours to
> write this message :-).

i don't believe you  :)  i always wonder how the iconographic language
writers type words:  you can't have 1500 keys on a portable notebook
computer!  i think this language barrier is responsible for much
parallel development that is not really neccessary.