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Re: Shimbun Basics

>> On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:11:04 +0200
>> romain@orebokech.com (Romain FRANCOISE) said as follows:

>About that I have one remark though: emacs-w3m in Debian now depends
>on APEL because of the call to make-temp-file in octet.el, would
>there be a way to replace that call by a home-made function?

octet.el provides functions and configurations to view attached
documents generated by Microsoft Office softwares, such as Word and
Excel, on SEMI-MUAs.  A SEMI-MUA is a mail user agent that uses SEMI
to display MIME-encoded articles.  Wanderlust and T-gnus are examples
of SEMI-MUAs.  SEMI depends on FLIM and APEL.

It means that APEL is a necessary part to use functions defined in
octet.el.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to replace make-temp-file()
with a home-made function, I think.

>I don't want to install APEL on my systems just for octet.el, which I
>don't even use...

Well, I think that it is possible to recommend APEL as well as FLIM,
instead of depending on it.  How about this change, Mr. Ukai?

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi