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Re: w3mmee, iso-8859-1 coding is not recognized

>> On Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:00:38 +0300
>> pgas@intracom.gr (Pierre Gaston) said as follows:

>> The other solution is to add your prefered coding systems such as
>> `iso-8859-1' to `w3m-coding-system-priority-list'.

>It tried to set w3m-language to nil and `w3m-coding-system-priority-list'
>to iso-8859-1  but the pages are still displayed using shift-js.

I made a mistake in your using variant of w3m when writing
[emacs-w3m:05204].  When w3mmee is used,
`w3m-coding-system-priority-list' gives no effect to detection of what
coding system is used.

>All the other coding system related variables are set to iso-8859-1,
>except w3m-input-coding-system which is set to binary and
>w3m-output-coding-system which is set to ctext.

>So I have no clue as to where this shift-js comes from.

shift_jis may be a result that is detected by w3mmee, so, you should
check w3mmee's manual.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi