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Re: shimbun requires mule feature on XEmacs?

At Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:56:22 +0900, Yoichi NAKAYAMA wrote:
> Hi, while I test Wanderlust pre-release version on XEmacs without
> mule, I found that shimbun.el cannot be loaded on it. I got attached
> backtrace. Is it the known issue or I missed some information about
> shimbun does require mule feature?

  I got it. XEmacs without mule misread Japanese characters around
shimbun-footer, this cause that error even though shimbuns which
do not inherit shimbun-japanese-newspaper can be read on XEmacs-nomule.
  On the other hand, I noticed that shimbun compilation is
inhibited explicitly in w3mhack-examine-modules. So I think
I've missed some discussion on this issue, sorry.

Yoichi Nakayama