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Help with Frames in Emacs

I have downloaded the newest versions of w3m and emacs-w3m.
When I run w3m from the command line with -F frames are redered as expected.

Now when I run from emacs the frames don't get shown.

So I set the following variables in my .emacs:

(setq w3m-command-arguments-alist
      '(;; Don't use any additional options to visit local web pages.
	;; Use the proxy server to visit any foreign urls.

(setq w3m-command-arguments (quote ("-F"))))

But it still doesn't work.

I also read that I should use the program w3mmee but I noticed that it's latest
version is much older than w3m, and also w3m supports frames from the command line, it
just doesn't support them from emacs.

So, please help me.

Thanks, Roland