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Re: Strange behavior of w3m-url-decode-string

* 2003-07-01 TSUCHIYA Masatoshi:

>     (with-current-buffer "*w3m*" w3m-current-url)
>     => "about://namazu/?index=default&query=%8a%bf%8e%9a&whence=0"
>     (w3m-url-decode-string
>      "about://namazu/?index=default&query=%8a%bf%8e%9a&whence=0")
>     => "about://namazu/?index=default&query=&whence=0"

i don't understand japanese, but i attribute what i sense here to the
same problem i have ever since the last version.

it has to do with unwanted `%' escaping of otherwise "normal"
characters not beeing simple characters.