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Re: list bullets

Citation (with leading "> " of each line) from article:
    by Jose A.Ortega Ruiz <jao@member.fsf.org> :
> which works nice. however, list bullets are presented using fancy
> characters (a hollow square, circle, star and so on, according to the
> sublist depth), and i'd rather have run-of-the-mill ascii chars (*, -,
> +, o and the like). is that possible at all?

Unless emacs-w3m has its own option, adding the options

ul_marks &nbsp;*,&nbsp;-,&nbsp;+,&nbsp;o,&nbsp;#,&nbsp;@,&nbsp;=,**,--
ul_type_disc &nbsp;*
ul_type_circle &nbsp;o
ul_type_square &nbsp;#

to your ``~/.w3mmee/config'' may make you happy.

SUTO, Kiyokazu <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>