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vm-w3m.el (was Re: Patch to support emacs-w3m)


I wrote the new module vm-w3m.el which makes VM 7.17 use
emacs-w3m to show HTML mails:


You don't need to apply a patch to VM 7.17 at all.  Simply load
this module and you will see HTML mails inlined by emacs-w3m in
the VM presentation buffer.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.05903] Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> By the way, I tried a little improvement.  The patch attached in
> this mail makes it possible to use some emacs-w3m command keys
> in the VM presentation buffer.  It will need to be further
> improved in order to enable it to treat the cid: urls (which is
> used to embed real HTML contents in the multipart/related style
> MIME message) properly as Gnus does.  However, please don't
> request a new code to me, since I don't know how does VM parse
> MIME parts. ;-)

There is the vm-mime-display-internal-multipart/related function
which support cid: urls.  This mail is just an example.  You
should not see the "Don't Panic" picture below. ;-)