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Patch to support emacs-w3m


Thank you for sending the patch.  I tried it with VM 7.17 and
confirmed it works well with no problems.  I wrote this message
using VM (I don't have a mind to change my temple from Gnus to
VM, though ;-).

>>>>> In <16260.65445.650000.941492@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
>>>>>	Paul Kinnucan <paulk@mathworks.com> wrote:

> Hi Kyle,

> I've patched vm-7.17 to enable vm to use emacs-w3m
> (http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/) to render HTML email inside a vm
> buffer.  The attached patch appears to work quite well.  The rendering
> is almost instantaneous on most messages. My patch adds a new
> customization variable, vm-mime-use-w3m-for-text/html (set to nil be
> default), that allows the user to choose emacs-w3m as the renderer for
> "inline" HTML rendering.

> In order to get the patch to work, I had to fix a function
> (w3m-rendering-extract-title) in emacs-w3m.el that failed when
> attempting to render HTML in a vm buffer. I sent a patch for the
> function to emacs-w3m's maintainer, Katsumi Yamaoka (yamaoka@jpl.org).

There are many maintainers in the emacs-w3m community. :)

> I hope the fix will make it into the next release of emacs-w3m.

Well, I don't encounter that problem so far.  Could you forward
me a sample mail containing the <title_alt title="FOO"> form?
I apologize in advance. I cannot work at all till next week.

> With this patch, all a user needs to do to get vm to render HTML messages
> internally is to install w3m and emacs-w3m and set the variable
> vm-mime-use-w3m-for-text/html to a nonnil value.

> Paul

By the way, I tried a little improvement.  The patch attached in
this mail makes it possible to use some emacs-w3m command keys
in the VM presentation buffer.  It will need to be further
improved in order to enable it to treat the cid: urls (which is
used to embed real HTML contents in the multipart/related style
MIME message) properly as Gnus does.  However, please don't
request a new code to me, since I don't know how does VM parse
MIME parts. ;-)

Have a nice weekend,

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