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Re: need force-header-line-update

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

>>> I am troubled with the header-line which is not redisplayed.
>> Doesn't force-mode-line-update update the header line as well?
> Unfortunately, it doesn't.  I'm using the latest Emacs CVS under
> Solaris 2.6 and Red Hat Linux 9.
>> The Lisp manual says:
>>  - Function: force-mode-line-update
>>      Force redisplay of the current buffer's mode line and header line.
>>      The next redisplay will update the mode line and header line based
>>      on the latest values of all relevant variables.
>>      This function also forces recomputation of the menu bar menus and
>>      the frame title.
> Yes, it has surely been written so.  However, the test code I've
> sent in the last mail doesn't show an ascii spinner spinning in
> the header-line.

I tried your code and I see the problem as well.  I just updated and
committed the docstring of force-mode-line-update by using Richard's
description in the Lisp manual.  This is a bit premature, however, as
force-mode-line-update does not seem update the header line.  I think
it should.  Maybe a redisplay hacker can look into this?  On my Emacs
(i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.0.6), the problem can be reproduced
by evaluating this:

  (setq header-line-format "text")

to set up a a header line.  After this, evaluating this:

    (setq header-line-format "new text")

does not display the new text.