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Re: wl-list.el --- List all W3M buffers (by Evgeny Zajcev)

To: Ivan Boldyrev <boldyrev+nospam@cgitftp.uiggm.nsc.ru>
Cc: emacs-w3m@namazu.org


Didn't you know the `w3m-select-buffers' feature in emacs-w3m?
That command is bound to the `C-c C-s' key by default.  It is
pitiable, but your work looks being the same as that of it.

>>>>> In <h72s91x2e1.ln2@ibhome.cgitftp.uiggm.nsc.ru>
>>>>>	Ivan Boldyrev <boldyrev+nospam@cgitftp.uiggm.nsc.ru> wrote:

> ;;; wl-list.el --- List all W3M buffers.

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>