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Dear Sirs,
I'm using emacs and w3m to read online-Manuals (html).
I'm very happy with this combination because its solves a lot of problems.
I'm very happy that you included my handler of local files.
But there's still a very very small problem.

if (w3m-local-find-function = find-file-other-frame) :
      everything is fine.

if (w3m-local-find-function = find-file-other-window):
      nothing seems to happen!

see patch for w3m.el eg attached file (build on linux SuSE 9.0
with command
    diff -c w3m.ori.el w3m.el > w3m.el.patch


(See attached file: w3m.el.patch )

Attachment: w3m.el.patch
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