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Introduction of nnshimbun.el to ding@gnus.org


I send the attached announce to ding@gnus.org, in order to invite new
contributors of shimbun modules.

--- Begin Message ---

We, emacs-w3m development team, would like to inform you about
nnshimbun.el that is distributed with emacs-w3m.  It enables you to
enjoy these following features:

  reading newspapers published on web without looking advertisements,
  reading mailing list archives on web, and
  reading submissions on web bulletin boards.

In other words, it is a replacement of nnwarchive.el.

It works based on shimbun library.  Shimbun is pronounced "she-n-boon"
(but actually vowels shouldn't be prolonged), it means "newspaper" in
Japanese.  Shimbun library is a collection of many back-end modules,
and each module provides functions to convert contents of each web
site into articles like common e-mails.  For more detail, please see

We have two issues.  First, we call for contributors of shimbun
modules.  If you send a new module of your favorite WEB site to
<emacs-w3m@namazu.org> and allow us to distribute it under the terms
of GPL, we will gladly add it to the distribution of emacs-w3m.
Second, could we add the following small piece of code to

  (autoload 'gnus-group-make-shimbun-group "nnshimbun" nil t)
  (define-key gnus-group-mode-map "Gn" 'gnus-group-make-shimbun-group)

This is necessary to use nnshimbun.el with Gnus.

Best regards,

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi
--- End Message ---