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Re: emacs-w3m underlines everything and mixes up URLs (neww3m-0.5?)

Yamaoka-san, My hard disk is just dead.
I have just reinstalled GNU/Linux. However, no gcc and no skk is 
in the OS. I'm trying to recover my hack environment.

> そういうお話を emacs-devel でなさってました
> よね。

Yes. However I know all the bugs about overlay is not fixed yet.

> と言うことは、さっき w3m.el に追加した、ゾンビ overlays を消す処
> 理は必要で、大和さんの手を煩わせる必要は無いのかも。

I didn't read your wordaround code. I guess you use `evaporate' overlay

Overlay in ELisp in Info:

      If this property is non-`nil', the overlay is deleted automatically
      if it becomes empty (i.e., if its length becomes zero).  However,
      if the overlay is _already_ empty, `evaporate' does not delete it.

I will report again.