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Request to add an usable w3m-e22.el for emacs-unicode-2 branch

Today I have build emacs-unicode-2 branch cvs code successfully under
GNU/Linux (Gentoo) and Windows (MinGW). Seems everything is fine.
I use emacs-w3m as browser. And I found when I view any HTML message,
backtrace buffer pops up and tells me there is no w3m-e22.el. I copied
and pasted a w3m-e22.el from w3m-w21.el (with  provide w3m-e21.el
changed properly. But it doesnot work.

I understand that there are very few emacs-unicode-2 users. The reason
is emacs-unicode-2 cvs code did not work for long time. I have tried to
build it for several times with no joy. But recently (within about 10
days), the situation changes. Now it's buildable and usable. 

So I just wanna know if emacs-w3m developers will add support of it in
near future.

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.


                   -- 庄子 杂篇 天下第三十三