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Re: bogus change(s) in cl-macs.el

   > I myself suggested the following alternate type solution, which I
   > believe would not have broken anything:
   > !       (let ((var (with-no-warnings (gensym))))

   As well as being unclean, that doesn't solve the problem of gensym
   being undefined at runtime.

`gensym' _only_ needs to be defined at runtime when gensym is going to
be _called_ at runtime.  I said that I still had to double check my
alternative patch should it be needed.  I did check in the `winner'
case that `gensym' was _not_ called at runtime.  I would strongly
guess that this is the case with _all_ these calls to `gensym'.
Clearly, I would have to _check_ that this is really the case.

All of this only matters if there are real problems with Stefan's patch.