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Re: from `w3m-form-parse-and-fontify' on garbage from micro$oft served page

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07227] Clemens Fischer wrote:

> note that i made a little progress without patching anything by removing the
> "(setq w3m-type 'w3mmee)" line from my "~/.emacs" init file.  my question:  is
> "w3m-type" determined and set automatically?

Yes, the variable you may have to set is only `w3m-command'.

During loading w3m.elc, it will initially determine the value of
`w3m-command' if it has not been set purposely in the ~/.emacs
file.  It is searched in `exec-path' directories in order of
w3m, w3mmee and w3m-m17n.  So, if you prefer w3mmee rather than
w3m even though both commands are available, you have to set the
`w3m-command' variable as "w3mmee" in your ~/.emacs file.

And then w3m.elc determines the value of the `w3m-type' variable.
It actually runs the command specified as the `w3m-command'
variable to investigate it.