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emacs-w3m: problems with text-cursor in buffer

i use a nonstandard colorscheme for my emacs
(my default font is goldenrod on black)

so when i use emacs-w3m my cursor gets set up in a way
  that makes it more or less unusable in all other buffers

it starts blinking black on black <-> goldenrod on black
  this makes it very difficult to find the cursor on the screen
  as well as read text under the cursor
all other fonts(different from default-font) still work as expected
  (cursor blinking in inverse)

i don't know elisp well enough to fix that myself

i found an after-cursor-hook (or similar)
  could i use that to get a more helpful cursor?

is there a single fix(patch) possible?

  christian bahls

PS: i am not subscribed to the list