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No way to retrieve a form?

This bug report will be sent to the emacs-w3m development team,
 not to your local site managers!!
Please write in simple English, because the emacs-w3m developers
aren't good at English reading. ;-)

Please describe as succinctly as possible:
    - What happened.
    - What you thought should have happened.
    - Precisely what you were doing at the time.

Please also include any Lisp back-traces that you may have.
Dear Bug Team!

Ouch -- I was posting to my blog, but composing the story took
a little too long and my session timed out, and that meant that
when I submitted the text-area input, my submission was rejected.

after a login, my session-ID would be different; normally, in mozilla,
I would login, creating a new session, then go Back to the form page
just before the rejected submit and re-submit this, or at least
copy and paste it if I'm unable to re-post to the new session.

in emacs-w3m, going back to the form page is apparently a page reloaded,
so it also is without authentication, and the buffer that was used in
editing the form text-area is gone, deleted.

would it be possible to retain the most recent text-area edit buffer
until it is overwritten?  In this situation it would have saved my work,
possibly even saved a temporary backup file.


System Info to help track down your bug:
 => "1.4.3"
 => "XEmacs 21.4 (patch 15) \"Security Through Obscurity\" [Lucid] (i386-mandrake-linux, Mule) of Mon Aug 16 2004 on n5.mandrakesoft.com"
(featurep (quote mule))
 => t
(featurep (quote file-coding))
 => t
 => linux
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => iso-8859-1
 => w3m-iso-latin-1
 => nil

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