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Re: locks xemacs on download

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07430] Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Dear Bug Team!

> Ok, I've confirmed this three times in a row so it's reliable
> on my setup: Mandrake 10.1, P3/700MHz machine with only 512MB
> (ie, just a little cramped) running Gnome desktop and XEmacs
> with the current CVS image emacs-w3m

Thank you for the report but we may be able to do nothing.  I
also frequently experience the situation that the recent XEmacs
21.4 locks.  It occurs not only with emacs-w3m but also with all
other applications, for example, Gnus.  Perhaps, the place to
which you should go might be the xemacs-beta list.  It is
because (X)Emacs must not lock or die no matter what ELisp
programs do.  It will be helpful if I could identify the
definite condition which causes locks.  However I have never
found it so far.

> if I go to http://www.bricolage.cc and put the point on the
> download-current link, then press 'd' I am prompted for a location,
> which I edit and then hit return.  the message says this is async;
> if I load any other w3m pages (or maybe just wait?) the XEmacs
> GUI will completely lock up, no repaints, and no file appears in
> the specified directory.  the process table says XEmacs is still
> alive and at the top of the list, but I waited several minutes
> and it still did not repaint any moved or un-covered windows.

> XEmacs does respond to a normal kill signal, so it likely is still
> alive, but the XEmacs display is very locked.  The rest of the
> desktop is unaffected.

I doubt that XEmacs spends a very long time to do a certain
processing in such a case but I don't know what it is.  Sigh.

P.S. I used to be a supporter of ardent XEmacs, but...