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Re: W3M ang gmail

You need a javascript enabled browser, among other thing, and I don't 
think it will work with w3m.

You perhaps should try to get you mail through pop3 with an emacs mail 
Note that pop3 is over ssl for gmail accounts

Kalyan Mukherjea wrote:

>I received an invitation to open a Gmail account with google.com and
>had a rather painful time trying to open my account using Emacs-w3m +
>Emacspeak. Finally, I gave up and my wife opened Mozilla and got the
>job done. 
>    Now for the  problem I faced:
>Most of the items had already been filled in on the secure page I was
>taken to by w3m-browse-url-at-point;
>for example:
>    First Name:                           Kalyan (was there)
>    Last Name:                             Mukherjea    (already
>    filled in)
>The suggested user name "kalyan.mukherjea" clearly did not warrant an
>availability check, so all I needed to do was enter a password.Here I
>Pressing `]' should have landed me in the minibuffer, to fill in
>something which I could submit with C-c C-c. Unfortunately doing `]'
>took me to the "extreme right" of the page trying to get back to the
>word password  using C-r also proved futile. Later my wife told me I
>must have a Java enabled browser to use Gmail; is this so? Can I at
>least download emails  without such a browser? Or is there a
>Could it be the Emacspeak layer through which I am operating a
>source of my problems?
>Thanka in advance for help,