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W3M ang gmail

I received an invitation to open a Gmail account with google.com and
had a rather painful time trying to open my account using Emacs-w3m +
Emacspeak. Finally, I gave up and my wife opened Mozilla and got the
job done. 

    Now for the  problem I faced:

Most of the items had already been filled in on the secure page I was
taken to by w3m-browse-url-at-point;

for example:
    First Name:                           Kalyan (was there)
    Last Name:                             Mukherjea    (already
    filled in)
The suggested user name "kalyan.mukherjea" clearly did not warrant an
availability check, so all I needed to do was enter a password.Here I
Pressing `]' should have landed me in the minibuffer, to fill in
something which I could submit with C-c C-c. Unfortunately doing `]'
took me to the "extreme right" of the page trying to get back to the
word password  using C-r also proved futile. Later my wife told me I
must have a Java enabled browser to use Gmail; is this so? Can I at
least download emails  without such a browser? Or is there a
Could it be the Emacspeak layer through which I am operating a
source of my problems?

Thanka in advance for help,