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Re: From newbie: problems with installation of w3m


I haven't got much experience, as you.

>>>>> In the Message: [emacs-w3m ML: No.07558]
>>>>>   with the date of Fri, 11 Feb 2005 21:48:37 +0100
>>>>> [Rodolfo] == "Rodolfo Medina" <romeomedina@libero.it> has written:

Rodolfo> I tried with: '$ export LDFLAGS=-Xlinker -R/usr/local/lib'
Rodolfo> but got the following output:

Rodolfo> [rodolfo@localhost rodolfo]$ export LDFLAGS=-Xlinker -R/usr/local/lib
Rodolfo> bash: export: `-R/usr/local/lib': not a valid identifier

I think,

$ export LDFLAGS="-Xlinker -R/usr/local/lib"


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