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etc/w3m/icons/ -> etc/images/w3m/


In the CVS trunk, I've changed the default directory in which
icon files will be installed following the change in the most
recent Emacs and Gnus as shown in the subject of this message.
For instance:

% autoconf
% ./configure --with-emacs=emacs-21.3
% make what-where
  *.xpm -> /usr/local/share/emacs/21.3/etc/images/w3m/

The value can be changed using the --with-icondir= configure
option.  You may delete the old icon directory manually.

In addition to this, I've also improved the way to determine the
default value for the w3m-icon-directory variable.  You still
need to set the value for it explicitly if you use non-standard
directory, though.


上記の通り icon ファイルをインストールするデフォルトのディレクト
リを、最近の Emacs と Gnus を踏襲して変更しました。古いディレク
さい。将来 icon 以外のものをインストールする必要が生じたら、場所