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Re: ;;; sb-fau.el --- Freie ArbeiterInnen Union shimbun backend

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07957] David Hansen wrote:

> Now i understand why i never had problems:

>   (standard-display-ascii ?\225 [?\⋅])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\204 [?\„])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\223 [?\‟])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\224 [?\”])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\222 [?\'])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\226 [?\–])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\227 [?\—])
>   (standard-display-ascii ?\205 [?\…])

> It's a common mistake of fscked "latin-1" web servers to send a
> wrong encoding (actually always these m$ crap).  It would be nice
> to have a solution for normal web browsing to.

I see.  I tried it with Emacs 22.0.50 and saw the pages in the
fau.org site were displayed correctly.

> As far as i know these window-<foo> encodings are pretty close to
> the latin-n encodings.  May it be possible to recode them within
> the w3m package to similar latin-n characters, e.g ” -> " or ''?

I think that's a good idea if it is possible to know the page is
encoded by one of Latin-n, but...

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07958] David Hansen wrote:

> Ugh, even worse...  It doesn't send any encoding at all


> And no meta tag either for
> http://www.fau.org/artikel/art_050308-191705/print.html

> So I doubt that it's possible to find a general solution (I think
> there are several windows-<foo> encoding to expand various
> latin-n charsets with some fancy chars).

I think so.  And there seemed to be another problem when I
tested it with Emacs 21.3.  Furthermore, the next release is
just around the corner, so I'd like to put it off if you don't
have a definite idea.

BTW, isn't there a change which should be applied to the present

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07959] ARISAWA Akihiro wrote:

>> +(luna-define-method shimbun-article ((shimbun shimbun) header
>                                                 ^^^^^^^
> Isn't the class name a typo of shimbun-fau?

Oops, I'll fix it later.  Thanks.