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Re: ftp oddities

I see.  The problem is that emacs-w3m uses ange-ftp even if
w3m-use-ange-ftp is nil.  What ever on earth has happened?!

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07975] E. Oltmanns wrote:

> w3m-use-ange-ftp was still nil. Now, here is a bit more detailed
> description:
> With w3m-use-ange-ftp nil and no ange-ftp-* variables set or changed
> (in particular ange-ftp-try-passive-mode nil) as well as no proxy
> variables set (I don't need them) I do m-x w3m RET g
> ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/ RET.
> Although the contents of ftp.gwdg.de's root directory is displayed
> correctly, I hear a beep as if something went wrong. In the echo area
> appears "Loading ange-ftp...done" despite the fact that I (as
> mentioned before) had set w3m-use-ange-ftp nil.
> Then I move point to the subdirectory link pub/ and press enter. Again
> I get a beep but this time the directory is not displayed
> properly. Instead nothing changes on the display (contents of the root
> directory remains visible) and in the echo area appears the message
> "FTP Error: DIR failed: 425 Can't build data connection: Connection refused."
> The relevant part of the *Messages* buffer after the whole procedure
> reads like this:
> ----*Messages*----
> Loading ange-ftp...done
> Opening FTP connection to ftp.gwdg.de...done
> Logging in as user anonymous@ftp.gwdg.de...done
> Getting PWD...done
> Listing /anonymous@ftp.gwdg.de:/... [2 times]
> ange-ftp-error: FTP Error: DIR failed: 425 Can't build data connection: Connection refused.
> ----*Messages*----

> If I alter ange-ftp-try-passive-mode to t (w3m-use-ange-ftp is still
> nil), I can browse the ftp-server but get a beep and the message
> saying "Cannot retrieve URL: [...] (exist status 0)" every time I
> follow a link.

Try the following and let us know the result, that is, the Lisp
backtrace. (Copy it into the *scratch* buffer and type `C-j' at
the end of the last line.)

  (setq debug-on-error t)
  (load "w3m.el")
  (fset 'w3m-goto-ftp-url (lambda (&rest args)
			    (error "!! `w3m-goto-ftp-url' is called")))
      (w3m-goto-url "ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/";)
    (load "w3m")))

If the "!! `w3m-goto-ftp-url' is called" message doesn't appear
in the beginning of the *Backtrace* buffer, there might be
another cause.

;; I must go home right now, sorry.