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shimbun/sb-zeit-de problem with content charset selection

Hi altogether,

unfortunately, I can't figure out whether this is a problem related to
sb-zeit-de or rather to shimbun in general or even just my bad

The site http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?50@@.5cb7484d/324 has no charset
specification in its header but is encoded in iso-8859-1. In order to
view it properly, I set
document_charset ISO-8859-1
in ~/.w3m/config and
(setq w3m-current-content-charset 'iso-8859-1)
in ~/.emacs.
This works fine for w3m as well as emacs-w3m. However, when viewing
this article in gnus as a sb-zeit-de group article, the non ASCII
characters appear as question marks.

Any ideas how to tackle this problem?