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Re: Old ` *w3m-work*' buffers

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08177] Daniel Brockman wrote:

> I have several hundred buffers with names like ` *w3m-work*<310>'.

Whoops.  It is a bug and should be fixed if it really occurs.

> Most are empty, but some are 46 bytes large, and contain what looks
> like a GIF89a header (or possibly a whole image file).

> I was just wondering if there is a good reason for leaving these
> buffers around.  Even if most are empty, I'd think it would be best to
> kill them once they are no longer needed.

However, I normally don't see the ` *w3m-work*' buffers at all.
I guess some kind of errors have occurred.  Could you present
some URLs where emacs-w3m not delete those buffers?