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variable is void: w3m-euc-japan-decoder

When I'm running emacs-w3m-version "1.4.4" on "XEmacs 21.5  (beta21) \"corn\"
(+CVS-20050705) [Lucid] (i586-pc-win32, Mule) of Wed Jul 06 2005 on
WODAN", I get following error message:
Symbol's value as variable is void: w3m-euc-japan-decoder

Stack trace:
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable w3m-euc-japan-decoder)
  byte-code("..." [w3m-iso-latin-1-encoder w3m-iso-latin-1-decoder w3m-euc-japan-encoder w3m-euc-japan-decoder w3m-internal-characters-alist define-ccl-program 2 loop (read r0) (if (r0 < ?\^) (write-repeat r0)) if (r0 > ?) (read r1) w3m-ccl-write-repeat japanese-jisx0208 (r0 == ?\^) (read r1) katakana-jisx0201 (r0 == ?\^) (read r0) (read r1) japanese-jisx0212 append mapcar #<compiled-function (pair) "...(12)" [pair if r0 == write-repeat] 4> ((write-repeat r0)) ccl-program-idx (1 (loop ... ...)) (read r0) (if (r0 < ?\^) (write-repeat r0)) (r0 > ?) latin-iso8859-1 r1 #<compiled-function (pair) "...(12)" [pair if r0 == write-repeat] 4> ((write-repeat r0)) (1 (loop ... ...)) provide w3m-ccl] 14)
  (load-internal "[internal]")
  load-internal("w3m-ccl" nil require nil binary)
  load("w3m-ccl" nil require nil)
  si:require(w3m-ccl nil)
  byte-code("..." [temp-buffer --dolist-temp--80929 fn executable-find "cat" get-buffer-create generate-new-buffer-name " *temp*" ((byte-code "!.!.." ... 2)) "bar" -1 call-process-region t looking-at ad-add-advice (fix-xemacs-bug nil t (advice lambda nil "Narrow to the specified region while running the original function.\nIt fixes an XEmacs 21.5 bug.  Advised by emacs-w3m." ...)) around nil ad-activate-on require w3m-util w3m-proc w3m-image w3m-favicon featurep mule w3m-ccl path-util poe poem pccl defalias w3m-find-coding-system fboundp find-coding-system ignore w3m-make-ccl-coding-system (coding-priority-list coding-system-category coding-system-list coding-system-name coding-system-type set-coding-category-system set-coding-priority-list) advice ad-unadvise define-ccl-program (macro . #<compiled-function ... "...(2)" ... 1>)] 6)
  (load-internal "[internal]")
  load-internal("w3m-xmas" nil require nil binary)
  load("w3m-xmas" nil require nil)
  si:require(w3m-xmas nil)
  byte-code("..." [file emacs-major-version files require w3m-util w3m-proc featurep xemacs w3m-xmas 23 w3m-e23 boundp byte-compile-current-file load-file-name locate-library "w3m" nil (byte-code "!\"#." [file load expand-file-name "w3m-e23" file-name-directory nil t] 5) ((error)) error "Emacs-w3m of this version does not support Emacs %d; try the development version" 21 w3m-e21 20 w3m-e20 MULE w3m-om w3m-e19 w3m-hist timezone autoload w3m-bookmark-view "w3m-bookmark" t] 6)
  (load-internal "[internal]")
  load-internal("w3m" nil nil nil binary)
  load("w3m" nil nil nil)
  (dispatch-event "[internal]")

The package has been installed under XEmacs-21-4-13 in the site-lisp

It works fine from "XEmacs 21.4 (patch 17) \"Jumbo
Shrimp\" [Lucid] (i586-pc-win32) of Tue Jul 05 2005 on WODAN"

Is there anything I can do to fix this?