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Re: mule-ucs problem in Debian

On Fri, 05 Aug 2005 10:39:54 +0900,
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:


> There seems to be no problem, furthermore you don't seem to need
> to use w3m-ucs.el.  My only one worry is that the utf-8 coding
> system which Emacs 21.x provides does support only Latin text.
> If you have a need to read text in various languages (e.g.,
> Chinese, Japanese, Korean), you indeed have to use Mule-UCS (it
> is no longer necessary to use with Emacs 22, though).

Thanks so much Katsumi, I must admit I don't understand much about
encoding issues and why I can't display some characters
correctly. Therefore, I followed the advise to use mule-ucs sort of
blindly, but based on your message maybe that's not the solution.

To be more precise, the characters that don't display properly are those
typical in the spanish language, e.g. , , and symbols for sub-item
bullets from lists in html. An example of the latter:

,-----[ html example ]
| <ol>
|   <li>A Main item text
|   <ul>
|     <li>First sub-item text</li>
|     <li>Second sub-item text</li>
|   </ul></li>
| </ol>

The bullet for "A Main item text" displays well, but the ones for the
subitems don't; they show up as hollow boxes. I've tried changing the
symbol in the w3m-symbol group in the customize interface, without luck.

Will mule-ucs solve these matters, or is this something completely

Thanks again for your help,

Sebastian P. Luque