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Re: mule-ucs problem in Debian

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08353] Sebastian Luque wrote:

> To be more precise, the characters that don't display properly are those
> typical in the spanish language, e.g. , , and symbols for sub-item
> bullets from lists in html. An example of the latter:

> ,-----[ html example ]
>| <ol>
>|   <li>A Main item text
>|   <ul>
>|     <li>First sub-item text</li>
>|     <li>Second sub-item text</li>
>|   </ul></li>
>| </ol>
> `-----

> The bullet for "A Main item text" displays well, but the ones for the
> subitems don't; they show up as hollow boxes. I've tried changing the
> symbol in the w3m-symbol group in the customize interface, without luck.

I can see it in the Emacs buffer as:


OTOH, Firefox shows it as:


I think they are rightful.  How is it displayed in your system?
If emacs-w3m shows some characters, for example, the euro sign,
as boxes, it is a real problem.  In that case, the size of the
hollow box is the same as the maximum-height cursor.

> Will mule-ucs solve these matters, or is this something completely
> different?

Though I'm not quite familiar with Latin text, I think Mule-UCS
is useless for them.  If you find `the real problem' ;-), please
let us know the url of the page.