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Re: Suggestion: rename, or make alias to, "w3m-print-this-url"

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08357] Eric Hanchrow wrote:

> I could not figure out how to copy a URL into the kill ring until
> someone told me that the function "w3m-print-this-url" was what I
> wanted.  It works fine, but I never would have found it myself,
> because the function's name doesn't (to me, anyway) clearly describe
> what it does -- I assumed it sent the URL to the printer.

> I suggest that you either rename w3m-print-this-url to
> w3m-copy-this-url, or else create an alias to it, named
> w3m-copy-this-url.

> (The same goes for w3m-print-current-url.)

> Thanks!

The w3m-print-this-url command was made for just printing at
first, and was finally improved so that it might always copy a
url to the kill-ring.  It is not wonder that a certain command
does several things for you.  Do we have to rename all such
commands? ;-p

M-x w3m-this-command-does-not-only-xxx-but-also-yyy-and-zzz-...

I think it is sufficient to have written in the Info manual what
it does since it is hard to explain all about it only by the
command name.  Though there might still be room to improve the