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Re: C-c C-c in textarea buffer does nothing

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08367] Antonios Christofides wrote:

> Hi, the subject says it all. While in textarea buffer, C-c C-c, as
> well as C-c C-k, seems to do nothing at all.

What are the real commands those keys are bound to?  To know
them, type `C-h c C-c C-c' and `C-h c C-c C-k' in the textarea.
They should be `w3m-form-input-textarea-set' and
`w3m-form-input-textarea-exit' respectively.

> (In contrast, C-c C-c
> when renaming files in dired works as expected.)

How can I do that?  As far as I know, dired don't provide no
such key by default.