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Cookie,GMail and MUA question.


Thank you for using emacs-w3m.

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Mr./Ms. Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan@isical.ac.in> ( quoted Kalyan )
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Date    : [Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:00:14 +0530]
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Kalyan> Hello,
Kalyan> I have been using emacs-w3m  (with emacspeak) for some time. I wish to
Kalyan> know if it is possible to use Yahoomail with this set -up? My wife who
Kalyan> is sighted finds yahoomail extremely useful but the chief plus points
Kalyan> she mentions comes from cookies she gets from them to perform everyday
Kalyan> mailing chores. Wil such cookies work with emacs-w3m?

Yes, emacs-w3m cookie support (but experimental feature).
Please use setup option `w3m-use-cookies'.
Basically, cookie feature work only setting "(setq w3m-use-cookies t) in .emacs-w3m" .
# I'd try Yhaoo! Mail(.jp), reject for "Browser do not support JavaScript."...
# Do not reject Yahoo! Mail(.com) access?

Kalyan> Google Mail seems even more forbidding since it requires java script or
Kalyan> am I mistaken?

Yes, Google Mail(GMail) is using JavaScript, emacs-w3m does not support yet.

Kalyan> Lastly, the info file has a section on MUAs --- what are these: an
Kalyan> example would help this computer illiterate user!

These are text/html mail rendering method used by emacs-w3m engine at viewing.

If use Gnus,Mew or SEMI MUA(Wanderlust and other), replaceable rendering engine
to emacs-w3m.

# Sorry, I use Wanderlust and set to (requrie mime-w3m) only.
# I don't understand other MUA's setting and more details.
## Plese other dev member's follow message.

Did it help you?
 Tsuyoshi CHO
# I can know english a little...