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One small question which my exploration of the info file did not answer:

I would like to listen to radio broadcasts on the internet. I have
mplayer installed in my system; so all I need UrL's to feed to mplayer.
That is, I need to find out a URL and the do
$> mplayer URL

Doing a google search of course gives a huge number of links to
broadcasting services. But on w3m I see (actually hear, since I am blind
and use Emacspeak) 
Country Western music on a line and when the point is brought over this,
the URL is read out. 
I would like to somehow get 
this URL into the kill ring, so that I can open an emacs shell buffer
and do :

$< mplayer C-y
silence emacspeak and press ENTER.

Could anybody suggest what to do?