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Re: nnrss should borrow nnshibmun's RSS date processor...or something

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08473] Mark Plaksin wrote:

> Some RSS feeds provide the date in ISO 8601 date format.  sb-rss.el from
> nnshimbun converts from ISO 8601 to a format that Gnus can handle.  nnrss
> does no conversion so Gnus ends up saying the date is the start of the Unix
> epoch.

Gnus will be able to handle ISO 8601 date if we replace every
`parse-time-string' that Gnus uses with `date-to-time' which
uses timezone.el.  However, it is effective only in Emacs 22,
because timezone.el distributed with Emacs 21 doesn't understand
ISO 8601 date.  For instance:

(timezone-parse-date "2005-12-22T13:14:03+09:00")
;; Emacs 22.0.50
 => ["2005" "12" "22" "13:14:03" nil]
;; Emacs 21.4
 => ["0" "0" "0" "0" nil]

> It would be nice if the conversion function from sb-rss.el were put into
> some library that nnrss could easily call.  It's not clear to me where the
> best place for that would be.

I think it should be done in nnrss.el since parse-time.el and
time-date.el belong to Emacs, not Gnus.

> For the moment, I hacked my copy of nnrss.el to call an un-shimbuned
> version of shimbun-rss-process-date.

It seems to have to be used before using `message-make-date' in
the `nnrss-check-group' function.  Could you present it?

BTW, why do you prefer RFC822 date rather than ISO 8601 date?
If it is for the bugfix, we should apply it to both the Gnus
trunk and the v5-10 branch.