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Uploading files doesn't work on some web sites

Hi all,

in order to post patches or other files containing supplementary
information on the Ubuntu bug tracking system at launchpad.net, I have
to fill in a form specifying, amongst other things, the path to the
file to be uploaded. When I press enter on the particular form field,
auto completion of file names in the current directory works as
expected and after sending the form by pressing the "Add" button,
everything seems to be alright. That is, a tag for the newly added
attachment appears on the bug report site including a link which is
supposed to point at the uploaded file. Following this link, however,
returns a "not found" error.

The strange thing is, that uploading files with w3m works as expected,
only when I'm using emacs-w3m this problem occurs. On the other hand,
I have successfully uploaded files using emacs-w3m on other web sites
as, for instance, the ticket system at madwifi.org or a certain
webmail interface. Do you have any ideas as to what might cause this
odd behaviour?

In case you have a launchpad.net account and want to test this
yourself, please see bug #40932.

I'm using todays cvs of emacs-w3m, by the way.