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Re: Problem with browse-url-of-buffer and w3m

At Thu, 15 Jun 2006 23:38:38 +0200,
Lukas Loehrer wrote:
> I ran into a problem with the function browse-url-of-buffer when w3m
> is used as the browser. If the buffer to be viewed has no file
> associated with it, it is saved in a temporary file that does not have
> a .html extention. It is thus not recognized by w3m as an html
> document. If I set w3m-local-find-file-function to nil,, I can open
> the file after supplying the "text/html" content type in the
> mini-buffer when asked. As far as I can tell, the variable w3m-content-type-alist
> varaiable is consulted by the funtion w3m-local-file-type to determine
> the content type of local files. Files without an extention are
> "unknown".


> Does anyone have any other ideas how to fix this problem?

The buffer contents is already rendered.
Doesn't 'M' (w3m-view-url-with-external-browser) solve the