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Re: store passwords

Good day harry.

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Subject : [emacs-w3m:08784] store passwords
Date    : [Sun, 23 Jul 2006 06:26:21 +0000 (UTC)]
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harry> is it possible to store passwords in w3m? If I am visiting a discussion forum
harry> quite often I always have to insert my name and password by hand. Is there a way
harry> to take advantage of the auto login?

There are three solutions.

1. If this page supports id/password save to cookie, use
   cookie(`w3m-use-cookies' to t).
2. If this page supports `logged in link' feature, create link that.
3. If this page does not support both 1. and 2. solutions, use emacs's keyboard
   macro(see info `emacs:keyboard macros').

# sorry for sir, currently emacs-w3m do not support auto completion.