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Re: Tiny sb-the-register.el patch

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08808] David Hansen wrote:

> 2006-08-24  David Hansen  <david.hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> 	* sb-the-register.el (shimbun-make-contents): Fixed junk filtering
> 	regexp.

I've applied your patch.  Thanks.

> BTW, do you think it would make sense to somehow (probably a
> note in the manual) encourage shimbun users to report such
> small annoyances?  I haven't read the register for some time
> so never noticed this.

I agree to urge users to report bugs even if they're trivial.
(No report might mean nobody uses it after all, though.)  How
about putting the following message at the beginning of the
manual and the emacs-w3m home page?

If you have any trouble with this software, please let us
know.  We will fix your problems as soon as possible.

(I recalled GNUS v3.x and v4.1 showed a similar message at the
startup. :-)