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Re: Slowness in reading GNUS nnshimbun+cnet:* sites

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:29:05 -0700 Andrew M. Scott wrote:

> Q. Why is fetching nnshimbun:cnet:news so slow? Is it because of the
>    advertisements?


> Q. Is there a way to speed up the reading of shimbun+cnet:* groups?

Fixing the shimbun to strip all the crap from the page.  Anyone working
on this?  I can have a look.

> Q. For debug purposes, is there a configuration variable to make all
>    the URLs scrolling in the minibuffer visible in a buffer, e.g. when
>    visiting nnshimbun+cnet:news ?

Don't they show up in the *Messages* buffer?  Anyway if you see a lot of
crap in the *Article* buffer that usually means that the page changed
the HTML and the shimbun is broken (BTW thanks for reporting this).

Logging the URLs is IMHO not needed. `gnus-summary-show-raw-aricle'
and some basic HTML knowledge tells you where the shimbun failed.