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[help]: w3m fail to set preference with google scholar

dear developers and users:

i have a question.

google scholar can display a bibtex link when configured to in
preferences. but i can't set the preference with w3m and emacs-w3m.
other preferences such as "results per page" works as expected, thouth.

the problem is that even though i set it in the preference page, it will
be lost immidiately after pressing the "save preferences" button.

a peek in to the cookie files reveals that the field CF=4 is missing.

in .cookie (emacs-w3m):
(["http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=%22shape+matching%22&hl=zh-CN&ie=GB2312&btnG=%cb%d1%cb%f7&lr="; ".scholar.google.com" nil "GSP" "ID=917bd44f652d1726" "/" 0 "Sun, 17-Jan-2038 19:14:07 GMT" nil]
["http://scholar.google.com/schhp?hl=zh-CN"; ".google.com" nil "PREF" "ID=917bd44f652d1726:NW=1:TM=1162627596:LM=1162627596:S=URZeXf_PDZH-ND5T" "/" 0 "Sun, 17-Jan-2038 19:14:07 GMT" nil]

but in cookie.txt(mozilla):
.scholar.google.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	2147368446	GSP	ID=78c1e82c61490f72:IN=8b9a455bd1c58d67:CF=4
.google.com	TRUE	/	FALSE	2147368446	PREF	ID=78c1e82c61490f72:LD=zh-CN:NR=10:NW=1:TM=1154416208:LM=1157248861:S=vkOd4tNaO5cATuUc

is this a bug? or how can i achive my purpose -- display bibtex link in
the search result? thanks in advance.