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namazu.org maintainance


The machine which provides all services related to namazu.org will be
offline from December 15th 13:00(JST) to December 16th.
Its administrator says that he cannot guarantee its completion time,
and worrys that it will be delayed to December 17th.
Needless to say, both this mailing list and the web site of emacs-w3m
will be unavailable during this maintainance.

The following is the Japanese translation of the above:

namazu.org の全てのサービスを提供している機材が,12/15 13:00 〜 12/16 
の終了時間は大幅に前後する可能性があり,最も遅い場合には 12/17 までず
れこむそうです.この間,このメーリングリスト,および emacs-w3m のウェ

土屋 雅稔 ( TSUCHIYA Masatoshi )