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Re: A user menu in the wrong position

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09154] Leo wrote:

> On 2007-01-31, Katsumi Yamaoka said:

>> It is because the value of the `menu-bar-final-items' variable[1]
>> is modified in emacs-w3m buffers locally in order to place the
>> w3m menu at the forefront of the menu bar.

> To be honest, I don't know why are those menus being placed in the
> front. Besides it breaks the convention of what other modes are doing.

IMO, it is not important to follow such a convention.  I don't
think the position for the newly added menus are controlled.  If
anything, it looks being decided by chance.  Anyway, one can
control the position as one likes.

> Anyone else think it is a good idea to make emacs-w3m following this
> convention?

I did it since I thought that to place the w3m menu at the front
in the w3m frame is reasonable.  But I didn't modify the order
of menus other than the ones for emacs-w3m.  The precise reason
the position of your menu is different in emacs-w3m buffers is
that `menu-bar-final-items' contains all the menu items including
`tools'.  It is necessary for placing the w3m menu in the front.
Though there might be another way to do it, I don't know so far.