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Re: mouse-3 open in new session has no effect

On 2007-02-01, Katsumi Yamaoka said:

>>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09168] Leo wrote:
>> But now to keep the menu open, mouse-3 has to be held down all
>> the time.
> Sorry, please CVS update again.  Now I made down-mouse-3 be
> bound to `w3m-mouse-major-mode-menu', and made drag-mouse-3 and
> mouse-3 undefined.

Not quite. It requires to move the mouse first i.e. if the mouse
doesn't move, release mouse-3 also close the menu but after opening
the menu if mouse-3 is moved a little bit, the menu can be kept open
without holding mouse-3. The behavior is still different from the old

> Regards,

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