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Re: A bug that put Emacs to consume 100% CPU

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09251] Leo wrote:

> Unfortunately I can't find a way to reproduce this yet. But I remember
> it usually happen when calling external programs such as web browser,
> pdf viewer. I experienced another case yesterday but was not in good
> timing to report it.

> My feeling is that it happens like this: when calling the external
> program to open a document, if it takes a long time to load then emacs
> will enter consuming 100% CPU. I verify it is emacs consuming the CPU
> by 'top'.

> I will report back if I catch it today.

I found no term such as `w3m' or `emacs-w3m' in your message.
Is the problem really concerned with emacs-w3m? ;-)

(If Gnus causes it, I doubt the timer which runs in
`mm-display-external'.  I'd implemented it in 2005-12-07 so as
to delete a temp file two seconds after launching an external
viewer.  It might be too short for large files or slow machines.)

BTW, I'm inactive in every weekend, so please don't beat me even
if I don't respond.