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Re: Help: using chinese-gbk

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09371] Jielei Fan wrote:

> Evaluating (decode-coding-string "\326\354\351F\273\371" 'chinese-gbk)
> is successful in my emacs22,


> the exsiting problems in your emacs22 and emacs 23 maybe caused by
> fontset setting.  in my .emacs, I use such codes

Thanks.  I need to install GBK fonts at least for testing emacs-w3m.


> By the way,
> I use emacs22 under win xp system, and the externel w3m by cygwin,
> do I need to install w3m-mee instead of w3m?

I don't have an answer since I didn't use w3mmee for years and
never heard w3mmee has been improved recently.  Sorry.