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Bug#419647: w3m-el should not silently reject cookies by default

Package: w3m-el
Version: 1.4.4-3
Severity: wishlist
Usertags: usability
X-Debbugs-CC: emacs-w3m@xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for w3m-el, it is the best web browser I have ever used.

But, for the first month I used w3m-el, I didn't realize it supported
cookies.  I wish I had known sooner.  To fix this, I suggest that
w3m-el should not silently reject all cookies by default; it should do
one of these things instead:

1.  Accept all cookies and save them to disk permanently.  This would
be the best option.  It would work just like Firefox and other popular
browsers.  Or:

2.  Accept all cookies, but do not save them to disk.  They would be
lost when you quit Emacs.  Or:

3.  Reject all cookies, but put a yellow-colored warning "Cookie
rejected." at the left side of the Location: bar at top of screen
whenever a site tries to set a cookie.  When you click it, w3m will
show you the cookie that the site is trying to set, and offer to turn
the cookie feature on.  Or you could have a message in the modeline:
at least in Emacs 22, words on the modeline can be made clickable or
can be set so menus will pop out of them.  Or:

4.  Whenever a site tries to set a cookie, show a yellow Information
Bar at the top of the screen.  It will say: "Accept cookie
PHPSESSID=3388fa56d5a3eea453780c75a9c15cce from php.net?  [Accept]
[Reject]" and have button.el clickable buttons.  The user can click
either button, or can use the normal way to go back.  Or:

5.  Prompt the user to (a)ccept or (r)eject in the minibuffer whenever
a site tries to set a cookie.  Please do not do this, it's annoying.

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