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Re: w3m Info Node Tracing History

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09493] Andreas Röhler wrote:

> Some remarks concerning w3m Info:

> Node Tracing History says:
> `s'
>      "Display the list of visited URLs in this session."

> Whereas
> "s runs the command w3m-search
>   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `w3m-search.el'.
> It is bound to s, <menu-bar> <w3m> <Search the Internet...>.
> (w3m-search search-engine query)"

We are sorry for inconvenience.  I noticed we had forgotten to
mention `w3m-lynx-like-map' and `w3m-info-like-map' in the
English version of the Info just now.  I will add that section
later.  Though it will not necessarily help people who use the
`Info-like' map.

> That's probably the result from my emacs-style
> customization.

I don't know what `emacs-style' is, but it will probably do:

(setq w3m-key-binding 'info)

Also I wonder why `emacs-style', that will probably be used widely,
alters the default value.

> This occurs at other places too: Info mentions keys
> whose meaning however depend from lynx-style or
> emacs-style customization. So they probably are wrong in
> this or the other case.

> Maybe some annotation could indicate "lynx-style" or so
> from time to time.

> Too I suggest making emacs-style the default.

I don't have an idea of how to mention both key maps in the Info
in an easy-to-read style.  But typing `C-h m' in the emacs-w3m
buffer will help for the time being.

Volunteers are welcome.  Anyway.