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Re: w3m-filter.el: misc fix and contributions

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09578] Eugene Oleinik wrote:

> it seems, there is a very arguable feature in `w3m-filter':
> matching URI pattern only once.  In proposed patch I've
> changed function to make it iterate through all cases, which,
> obviously, is more suitable.

I agree with this change.  I believe no one will be troubled by
the new `w3m-filter' that returns always nil.

> I've also added a new general filtring function,
> `w3m-filter-replace-regexp' and added option to customize
> separator used in `w3m-filter-google'.

I've installed your patch in the CVS trunk.  Thanks.  Please
write the ChangeLog entry by yourself from the next time.